Martacarmela Sotelo

Published: 17.08.2020


Martacarmela was schooled as an architect in México city and later did a MAFA in CSM, London. She received the “Jovenes Creadores” art grant from the Mexican government. Her work has been showcased in different museums and Galleries in the USA, Europe, Argentina México. She was awarded the Mexican national price “Quorum” in 2012. She also works as a freelace designer for the Mexican silversmith brand TANE and teaches “conceptualizing design” in the University CENTRO in Mexico.


My work is about constructing objects. About building with materials but also about changing your perception about them. You think you know the object or it’s meaning, but when deprived of its value, of the context and even of what is made of, then you look at it in a different way. Playing with wire, plastic, cloth, metals, etc. and different techniques I like to create and to build portable and wearable structures.

We all have something to keep, we sometimes hold it within something, it occupies a space, it is kept inside and out of limits. Sometimes is within us. But that something special is held and contain. This is a series of Containers that hold together one vessel after another. ​

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Exhibition  24 May 2021 - 21 Jun 2021  Con-tacto. Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión. Degree Show 2020.
Exhibition  10 Nov 2018 - 31 Dec 2018  Tincal Lab Challenge 2018. Jewelry and Technology.
Exhibition  01 Mar 2018 - 23 Sep 2018  La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border.
Exhibition  29 Jun 2017 - 27 Aug 2017  About Volumes. Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition.
Exhibition  06 Mar 2014 - 29 Jun 2014  Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery.
Exhibition  24 Aug 2013 - 24 Jan 2014  Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery.

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