Mujun Liu

Published: 26.01.2024


Mujun Liu is a ceramic and goldsmith jewellery artist. She was born in China in 1992 and now lives and works in Beijing. She obtained her bachelor degree, as well as her master, from the Department of Ceramic Art and Design of the School of Fine arts of Tsinghua University, and for now, she has been doing her artistic creations in the Pottery Workshop (PWS) in Jingdezhen. Mujun Liu is good at expressing ideas via the texture of materials, and she has an acute eye for emotions and materials.
In my works, I have always been interested in creating concrete forms of abstract emotions, for example, feelings. I regard emotion as some sort of complex and primitive energy, which is of concomitance with life. However, we are so used to express it in a manner of some specific word that sometimes it can lead to a huge deviation in our understanding of emotions. Based on my years of experience in ceramic creation, the exquisite and rich texture of ceramic materials can fill this gap for its excellent performance in expressing emotions and spiritual energy. As to the ceramic, molding, and firing process, I am always willing to explore unique and creative ways. In my point of view, each material itself has its own character, so the creation is more like interaction and communication. In this equal "mutual creation" between humans and materials, I began to carve my own path of understanding the material, and the material as well is telling me the "shape of emotion".

About The Little Monster
The expression of “abstract form” about emotions has always been my direction of creation. The goodness and evil of human nature are embedded in our human nature. Everyone is a complex individual. Simple kindness and evil cannot fully express each individual.
Sometimes, the little monster in our heart keeps making trouble, but we will not choose to hurt others.
So, for the little monster, please give him a position, a form, they are not allowed by the society, nor blessed by angels, but their existence confirms our humanity.

About Entropy
Novel coronavirus of the year 2020 has brought great influence to human life.
When we are talking about viruses, what first comes to our mind?
Disaster? Pain? Death? Fear?
Maybe it's how we feel about being a human.
What if, we turn our attention to Earth or some other species? Are the earth human’s belongings? Are we getting too cocky?
For nature, viruses and human beings are just different life forms, living on in different ways to survive.
Human’s start point is being born, then raised, and metabolized over and over again until the end of life, One view is expressed that humans’ metabolic cycle is a seven-year one. In other words, the physical composition of our bodies was completely different from that of us seven years ago.
So, what is the child that the mother gives birth to? And further, what is the person, on earth?
If the body is constantly changing as we see it, what is life, anyway?
Maybe hundreds of millions of years ago, the dust that made up our bodies was still wandering through the air. They travel to Earth, turns into dirt, turns into food, and are eaten by our mothers to form our bodies.
So, what is life?
Is life only some kind of order?
This order consists of complex internal reactions of the body, external character, mood, health...
And whether is all life order or not?
And so to the viruses.
Nature doesn't create life according to human virtues and vices. It just let nature take its course. It has nothing to do with an individual will. It's just happening.
In one of my favorite scientific concepts, there is one called entropy.
There's this idea that the scale of time, the weight of matter, everything is uncertain,
Only order, doomed from "ordered" to "disordered"
Life forms when matter collides across the universe,
If living life is order, then is the decaying body after death disordered?
In order to maintain their own order, the virus forces human to move towards "disordered"
However, the leaves outside the window are still shaking, the Earth is still the same pale blue planet as seen from space, and the ants are still busy moving.
So, what is life?
In this set of works, I will use the parts that once made up the body of various life (plants, animal bones, coral, etc.).
Do they create a new order in my work?
What kind of "disordered" will they become over time?
The unknown is also known, vice versa.

/ Mujun Liu

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Meeting  01 Mar 2020 - 30 May 2020  Person-to-Person Transmission.
Exhibition  06 May 2019 - 13 May 2019  The Unity by Karin van Paassen, Mujun Liu and Huiyu Yan.
Exhibition  02 Jan 2019 - 10 Jan 2019  Tour.
Exhibition  05 Dec 2018 - 19 Dec 2018  Graduate Exhibition of School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University.
Beijing, China.
Exhibition  06 Sep 2017 - 08 Sep 2017  Marine Fashion Creative Design Contest.
Exhibition  27 Aug 2017 - 31 Aug 2017  Alumni of Tsinghua University Exhibition.
New York, USA.
Exhibition  24 Jun 2015 - 05 Jul 2015  Undergraduate Exhibition of School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University.