Joya 2016 Guide

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Published: 20.09.2016
Joya 2016 Guide.

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This is the Guide where you will find all events related to JOYA and satellite events in different locations around the city of Barcelona.

On its 8th edition the fair includes: 7 Guest awarded artists, 46 individula artists, 17 artists represented in 2 collectives, 25 students represented by 10 schools, 42 artists represented by 4 galleries, 20 selected artists for the Enjoia't Award and 75 artists represented in 22 OFF JOYA Galleries.

Besides that, you will find detailed information of the fair, the 13 OFF JOYA exhibitions , 3 lectures and 6 award givings and 3 relevant interviews with Nichka Marobin, Art Historian and Blogger, Carlos Urroz, Director of ARCO and Jury at JOYA 2016 and Jeemin Jamie Chung, JOYA 2016 Jury member.
For you to plan, locate and enjoy, use our Lokator, a tool designed to provide you an easy use with any mobile device puting you and the places to visit on the city map. You can also get a print version of the list.