Documentary film: A Joya Brava Decade. VR 360

Published: 23.03.2021
Joya Brava
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Joya Brava
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This is a Virtual Reality film. You can surf the space on your laptop by scrolling to see a complete 360° environment or discover hidden pieces of jewelry. You can also navigate through space with your phone by moving it from side to side. Virtual reality glasses are not necessary but will enhance your experience.

For more information on “A Joya Brava Decade” Virtual Experience please visit the website (there is an English and Spanish version of the website). You could find: All listed pieces and authors featured in the documentary, current Joya Brava Members profiles, downloadable digital catalogue, 360° animated pictures of pieces, watch recorded zoom conversations including guests such as Kevin Murray, Dan Piersinaru, Snem Yildrim, Caiozzama, Clemencia Plazas and Jessica Morillo, among many others.

About the documentary:
“Una Decada Brava (A Joya Brava Decade) is a Virtual Reality documentary about the ten years of the first Chilean Contemporary Jewellery Association, Joya Brava. It intertwines the intimate memory of their members about their growth as a group, their achievements, and the revelation of their artistic work through a retrospective of their pieces shown in 360° or performing on people, and that shows the wide diversity of their materiality’s and techniques, ranging from horsehair weaving to copper filigree, among many others”, says Tatiana Lorca, the film Director.
Along with the documentary, there is a pdf catalogue with the original selection of pieces curated by Miriam Pappalardo and Renata Porto (that had to be modified to fit the documentary requirements), and a broader selection of 360° jewellery animations. There is also a section including recorded zoon Dialogues held during December 2020 with local and international guests, covering topics such as street art and social unrest in Chile, identity and contemporary practices, creativity during pandemic, and art and gender, among others (Some are in English, others in Spanish and others in Portuguese).

About Joya Brava:
JOYABRAVA was founded in 2010 to develop and disseminate contemporary Chilean jewelry, adding voices and views from our local scene to be heard and seen in Chile and overseas. Our members have given themselves space and time to develop their work sharing experiences of collective creation, and organizing relevant encounters, seminars, and group exhibitions. During these 10 years, 70 artists have been part of the organization. Today we are a group of 27 active members, all women.
Our formal organization as a Contemporary Jeweller’s Guild has given us access to important governmental funding institutions to carry out ambitious projects otherwise unaffordable, allowing us to position Chilean artists in the contemporary jewelry scene.
In ten years, Joya Brava has produced seven relevant group exhibitions: Quiltro, Chromatic, Baroque Persistence, JoyEros, Figurations, Common Stories and Interiors, which have been presented in Chile, Barcelona, Munich, Legnica, Romania and Buenos Aires, with the mentoring of prominent professionals such as Ricard Domingo, Rolando Baez, Jorge Manilla, Jorge Castañón and Francisca Kweitel. We also organized the First Copper Goldsmiths Meeting in 2013 with about 350 attendees from Latin America in the city of Rancagua, and the Seminar “Radiography of Chilean Contemporary Jewellery Scene” in Santiago 2016. A decade after its foundation, the term “contemporary jewellery” is no longer something unknown in Chile.
As a group, we have constantly searched to investigate and read our identity, questioning the limits and symbolic scope of the pieces we make. Throughout this journey of self-knowledge and creation, which at times seems like a psychoanalytic therapy of unsuspected revelations, it has been the moments in which we have been together, those that we treasure the most and have made us grow.
We have celebrated our successes and supported each other on our failures. We have overcome our differences and embraced our encounters. Some have left, new ones have arrived. And here we are, 10 years older, more curious, and still engaged. We hope to inspire, not expire. We Flow, We Grow, We Pursue, We Stand.