FlockOmania 4: The Cass Edition

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Published: 19.04.2017
Zoe Robertson
Natalie Garrett Brown
Amy Voris
Sellotape Cinema
film credit: James Allen
Edited by:
Robertson, Zoe
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FlockOmania showcases wearable objects that explore the interrelationship between jewellery and performance, blurring the lines between these two apparently unrelated worlds, and involving sound, film, dance and photography in the process.

FlockOmania 4: The Cass Edition took place at The Cass Bank Gallery from Monday 9th January to Thursday 26th January 2017.
Created by Zoe Robertson with Natalie Garrett Brown, Amy Voris and Sellotape Cinema.
Image credit Christian Kipp
Filmed and edited by James Allen for London Metropolitan University

Collaborating Artists: Zoe Robertson, Natalie Garrett Brown, Amy Voris, Christian Kipp, Steve Snell, Stephen Chamberlain, Emma McCusker, James Allen.
Supported by: London Metropolitan University, Birmingham City University, Coventry University, The Dual Works, Sellotape Cinema.