Joya 2017 skyscraper.
Hochschule Idar Oberstein.
Goldmuseum Taipei - Metal Crafts Competition 2018.

flockOmania finale

Published: 12.06.2015
Zoe Robertson
Edited by:
George Rippon
Edited at:
West Midlands
Edited on:

This film shows the finale of flockOmania, a solo exhibition created by jewellery artist Zoe Robertson. Please see for further information about this exhibition.
To bring flockOmania to fruition Zoe worked with the following artists across Dance, Visual Art, Film, Photography and Sound including Natalie Garrett Brown, Christian Kipp, Nick Peters, Daren Pickles, Zoe Robertson, Sellotape Cinema, Amy Voris.
Filming and editing credit: George Rippon at