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Published: 03.09.2015
Zoe Robertson
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Red is a collaborative project created by a duo of Zoe Robertson’s including Zoe Robertson, a Canadian violinist and Zoe Robertson, a British jewellery artist. The duo discovered each other online and whilst striking up dialogue across continents about their work and interests a collaborative project was born. They established parameters for the project and envisaged a performative film would be created with sound jewels, percussion and dance.

To begin a series of sound jewels were designed and made by the jewellery artist using a variety of materials, technical processes and re appropriated objects. These jewels interpreted a list of favourite sounds established by the duo primarily around percussion and rhythm. The duo meet twice during the project in Birmingham, UK which enabled them to explore, experiment and capture sounds either directly from the jewels or in contrast to sound from the violin. These sounds were then digitally captured, mixed and enhanced to create an ambient soundscape.

Later the duo where joined by Dayna Szyndrowski, a percussive dancer based in Vancouver, Cananda who was invited to choreograph a dance performance to go with the music.  The project gained momentum when it transpired that Julie-anne Soyent and her organization MovEnt arranged for Dayna and Zoe to record the film at the black box theatre at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts with lighting designer Ken Reckahn.

With the teams support they explored abstracted flamenco rhythms, camera angles, choreography, lighting, mood, space, sound, and produced an extensive amount of footage. This when then sorted and distilled to create the final edit.

Discussing the project Zoe (Canadian violinist) said “...I am not a natural collaborator but both Zoe (UK) and Dayna made it very easy……and I can only hope my future projects will be so blessed with gracious company as I have experienced with red...

Zoe (jewellery artist) added: “This chance encounter has a led to a fruitful collaboration, bringing together a diverse set of expertise resulting in an exciting outcome and wonderful achievement for all…”

The final film successfully showcases each collaborators expertise and demonstrates the ability to work across continents in a digital age. RED can be seen via You Tube, Vimeo and each Zoe’s website.

RED was completed using open-source software. For audio recording and editing: REAPER. For video editing and post-processing: BLENDER3D. The process of turning the Sound Jewels red would not have been possible without the technical support of the Blender Artists Community forum, with a particular thank you to 3pointedit.

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Zoe Robertson, Zoë Robertson, Dayna Szyndrowski