Ray Zheng

Published: 03.05.2021


Ray Zheng is a jeweller and researcher based in London, born in 1997 in Urumqi, China. Completed BA at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology of Jewelry Design and came to Goldsmiths, University of London in 2019. She understands jewellery as a formulating object for body/individual expression that questions value, obsessions, needs and survival. She gets gravitated by design methods like sensing, storytelling, use of actions, materials to comport matters moving towards social-politics, culture and traditions, looking for more possibilities through thinking and making.


I was making jewellery as my previous practices to answer how I can wear jewellery and how to convey my story through this media. Series of work translate the behaviours into interacting or rewarding jewellery to comfort the sensitivity that exposes us to nervousness.
When jumping out of its literal meaning, I started to consider jewellery as a verb and use different methods to document why we wear accessories to understand our surroundings better. This "combination of absolute freedom and rigorous commitment" - is another kind of "thread" that loops your body as an external presentation of fashion that conveys various social contents.
Whether it is casual jewels, random objects that we put on our fingers, wedding rings, digital adornments, etc., objects' performance demonstrates a series of actions, deposits stories, and commences conversations that reflect material value, gender, post-industrial culture.


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Exhibition  04 Sep 2021 - 26 Sep 2021  Ringing Rings.