Rediscovering Beauty

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Published: 09.12.2014
Sublime Experiment
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Yong Joo Kim
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Rediscovering Beauty is a video interview with Niche award winning artist, Yong Joo Kim.  This video was made as part of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her project, Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty.  Kim's aim is to create "unique, light-weight, and elegant pieces of wearable art for those who believe that art can change the way we see the world".

"Having grown up in Seoul, the world's top destination for plastic surgery, I lived all my life surrounded by promotions of superficial beauty. While I'm not absolutely against it, I've seen the negative effect it can have on women of all ages. Some suffer from depression. Some get addicted to plastic surgery. Some commit suicide. All trying to live up to the standards created by the media. I think it's time we strike a balance."
Yong Joo Kim

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