Design Werkstatt

Published: 14.03.2024
Design Werkstatt.
Felix Urs Stüssi
The workshop benches.
The workshop benches

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In 2023, Freiburg and Mähring showed that they are ideally suited as new locations for the jewelry summer courses. Both places have well-equipped studios with up to 10 spaces, an attractive cultural environment, and a rich range of dining and accommodation options. Both Black Forest in Freiburg and the charming Stiftland in the Northern Part of Bavaria around Mähring are first-class excursion destinations.
The 5-day summer courses begin with silversmithing in Mähring from July 14th to 19th Bea Benedetti's paper jewelry is represented at many exhibitions in Switzerland. In her workshop from July 21st to 26th in Freiburg it will become clear, how versatile this material can be used for jewelry. There is still great interest in the topic of enamelling techniques. This course, led by Mandy Rasch, is scheduled for the week of July 28th to August 2nd.

The advantages of Argentium silver alloy over traditional silver alloys are obvious. With Christine Zock, the participants explore the many possibilities that this alloy and the additional Keum Boo from September 8th  - 13th offer. Takayoshi Terajima a former student of Prof.K. Kageyama, will expand the topic of traditional Japanese techniques and set new, own accents on September 22nd - 27th. We are pleased that there will be a workshop on anticlastic raising with Georg Schulte from September 22nd - 27th  and a class on casting techniques from September 29th - October 4th with Annina Rodigari.

Classes in Freiburg
The Studio in Freiburg with 10 places is located near the City centre in the beautiful district of Wiehre and well equipped for all the workshops.  A perfect place to develop ideas and learn new techniques. The history of the city of Freiburg is closely linked to silver mining. In the Middle Ages, there were also many gem-cutting places. A complete historic grinding workshop has been preserved in nearby Waldkirch, which can be visited by appointment. Freiburg is described as one of the most popular Towns worldwide in the Lonely Planet travel guide. Accommodation should therefore be booked early.

Jewellery can be more than an accessory.
It can be a small but rich small piece of sculpture, closely connected to the body and the bearer of the communication as a sign. The possibilities of expression through form, colour, and choice of material are diverse. Jewellery has moved away from many traditional disadvantages. Gold, silver, and precious stones are no longer the only materials for jewellery.

Information: Design Werkstatt, Felix Urs Stüssi 
October - June:  Zasiusstrasse 106a, D-79102 Freiburg, Germany     
phone (+) 49 761 706713 or (+)49 0178 6717208

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Workshop  18 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019  Material & Ornaments with Georg Dobler.
Design Werstatt Freiburg Atelier.
Design Werstatt Freiburg Atelier

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Design Werkstatt Studio, 2nd Room.
Design Werkstatt Studio, 2nd Room

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Custom House silversmithing.
Custom House silversmithing

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Brigite Breusch studio tools.
Brigite Breusch studio tools

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Lakes near Tirschenreuth.
Lakes near Tirschenreuth

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Casting parts.
Casting parts

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Mandy Rasch enamel.
Mandy Rasch enamel

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Necklace with paper by Bea Benedetti.
Necklace with paper by Bea Benedetti

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Paper worshops results 2022.
Paper worshops results 2022

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Class with Kimiaki Kageyama.
Class with Kimiaki Kageyama

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Kimiaki Zogan techniques.
Kimiaki Zogan techniques

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Hollow bracelet.
Hollow bracelet

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Anticlastic raising process.
Anticlastic raising process

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