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Published: 11.12.2019
Design Werkstatt.
Felix Urs Stüssi

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The Design Werkstatt is organizing summer workshops and Symposiums for Ornament-makers in the car free swiss mountain village of Braunwald in central Switzerland since 1988. The different workshops for beginners, advanced and professional jewelry makers during July and August have become well known as a place of learning, inspiration and communication. Participants come from all over Europe.
32 years of jewellery summer workshops in Braunwald, the car-free Swiss mountain village in central Switzerland! The Studio became a place of encounter and exchange with other jewelry makers and a center for new ideas and techniques. I am very pleased that more and more participants and teachers from all over the world are coming to the workshops in Braunwald. The different workshops for beginners, advanced and professional jewellery makers have become well known as a place of inspiration and communication. Every week, from Sunday to Friday from the middle of July until the middle of September, different workshops take place. Well-known crafts experts will hold the courses. The Workshops take place in a spacious wooden two-story building. The studios are well equipped for up to 12 participants with access to a terrace with a breathtaking panorama view of the surrounding mountain peaks and glaciers Thanks to the competent course instructors and the Braunwald hospitality, many friends of jewellery remain loyal to us for many years. Thanks to all who made these 32 years possible! Still highly motivated, I am looking forward to the weeks in the mountains, to the many encounters. ​

How to get there?
From Zürich International Airport, there are excellent train connections every hour. Travelling time to Braunwald: 2 hours. A funicular railway links the last village in the Valley to one of the most beautiful car-free resorts in central Switzerland at an altitude of almost 4000 feet. In the free time, hiking, rock climbing, swimming in a clear lake at the foot of the ragged mountain and glacier scenery, mountain tours and cycling, even hang gliding and many other summer activities are possible.

In our Freiburg workshops continuous morning, afternoon and evening courses, as well as weekend workshops, will be held from October to July. We are very happy to give you details of available places and contents of the courses and will be very pleased if you find what suits you.
/ Felix Stüssi

Jewellery can be more than an accessory.
It can be a small but rich little piece of sculpture, which is closely connected to the body, to the bearer of the communication as a sign. The possibilities of expression through form, colour, and choice of material are diverse. Jewellery has moved away from many traditional disadvantages. Gold, silver and precious stones are no longer the only materials for making jewellery.

There are several Hotels with different rates starting at $30 at the Hotel Adrenalin. Up to $180 for a night in a first-class Hotel both near the studio. A charming Guest Farm offers accommodation for only about $20 per night. (self-catering). Lunch can be prepared within the group for about $5 a day.
Phone: 0041 55 653 6565

More to see:
Participants who are in the position to spend more time are advised to visit places of interest in Switzerland, a small country but with a great choice of the rich cultural heritage within a short distance. Using the comfortable system of public transport go and visit famous Museums for Art, Design and Crafts, studios of famous craftsmen in near Citys like Basel, Zürich Munich or Milan.

Susan Cross from Scotland describes a workshop in Switzerland:
I found the whole experience very refreshing and extremely challenging. To have the time and space to think about and develop work in such stimulating and of course very beautiful surroundings was such a fantastic opportunity. Alongside the workshop programme walks were organised, one of which included a memorable ride on a chairlift. I tried to approach this workshop with an open mind and to work intuitively. For three days the mountains withheld their secrets, shrouded in swirling mists with sudden revealing chinks. I could hear them; the waterfalls, the bells of the roaming cows, but could not see them. So as you can imagine, the morning when I woke to clear blue sky and glorious sunshine with breathtaking panoramic views of mountain peaks and glaciers was just so exciting! The workshops are fully equipped and well set out with excellent facilities. It is also possible to rent an independent workspace, which I would thoroughly recommend to those wishing to develop their work in a very special and unique location.
Published in findings issue 22, by the arts council of England.

Workspace rental:
There is a separate studio with 4 well-equipped workspaces for rent for CHF 150.- a week from July 12th until September 11th 2020 for independent artists who need no assistance. 


Karl Geiger, Georg Schulte, Kimiaki Kageyama, Ronda Coryell, Hubert Heldner, Felix Urs Stüssi, Wolfgang Schütz,


Design Werkstatt - Felix Urs Stüssi

From October until June:
Zasiusstrasse 106a
D-79102 Freiburg Germany
Phone: (+) 49 761 706 713

From July 12th until September 11th:
CH- 8784 - Braunwald – Switzerland
Phone: (+) 49 0178 671 72 08

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Workshop  18 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019  Material & Ornaments with Georg Dobler.
Workshop  12 Jul 2015 - 11 Sep 2015  Design Werkstatt Felix Urs Stüssi Summer Workshops 2015.
Workshop  14 Jul 2014 - 05 Sep 2014  Design Werkstatt Felix Urs Stüssi Summer Workshops.
30 Years of Summer Workshops..
30 Years of Summer Workshops.

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Studio North-Side..
Studio North-Side.

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Studio South-Side..
Studio South-Side.

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Studio Terrace..
Studio Terrace.

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Lake Oberblegisee..
Lake Oberblegisee.

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Studio Inside view..
Studio Inside view.

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Prof. Kageyama and Felix Stüssi..
Prof. Kageyama and Felix Stüssi.

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Lecture Room.
Lecture Room

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Silver Smithing.
Silver Smithing

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Silversmithing workshop results..
Silversmithing workshop results.

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Stone setting..
Stone setting.

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Silver wire knitting..
Silver wire knitting.

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Iron repousse..
Iron repousse.

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Students in the Workshops..
Students in the Workshops.

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Group of Students..
Group of Students.

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Enameling course with Mandy Rasch..
Enameling course with Mandy Rasch.

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Japanese Lacquer Techniques course with Francine Schloeth..
Japanese Lacquer Techniques course with Francine Schloeth.

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