Marianne Schliwinski: Beyond the Wall of Books

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Published: 03.03.2015
Marianne Schliwinski: Beyond the Wall of Books.
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Galerie Spektrum
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376 pages, 280 x 210 mm, approximately 550 pictures (35 in b/w), 28 texts in German and English
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Galerie Spektrum

The works of Marianne Schliwinski incorporate ever more levels, in their materiality just as much as with their substantial connections. She deploys her artistic strategy of composition in her design of jewellery and in her objets d'art, as well as in her photography in equal measure, and among each other.

A great publication of a great work!
In a career spanning more than five decades, Marianne Schliwinski has created an extensive oeuvre, which in its diversity of content and design is a very individual and stringent compilation.
Quite early on in her jewellery-making, she enriched her works with objets d'art and photography, and indeed in two senses. She integrated 'found' objects and images into her jewellery, and above all however, she expanded her artistic work with the inclusion of this medium.
The works of Marianne Schliwinski are subtle. They are poetical in their sensitivity, they are narrative in their referentiality, and attentive in their motives. Her artistic strategy consists of the assemblage, communal viewing and the combination of forms, of raw materials and things, of objects hung, carried or worn on the body or within a spatial context. Her assemblages are compositions, which bring together the individual elements into a worthy appreciation and bequeath them with a new meaning via their new context.

Excerpt of the text by Dr. Angelika Nollert, Director of Die Neue Sammlung, Munich.

Texts by: Ulla Stöver, Marianne Schliwinski, Jürgen Eickhoff, Christoph Blase, Michael Tomlinson, Robert Musil, Peter Rothammer, Veronika Schwarzinger, Gabriele Kunkel, Vergil, Cornelie Holzach, Hanne Weskott, Bettina Krogermann, Jan Walgrave, Otmar Engel, Mirella Cisotto-Nalon.
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