2016 Awards & Award Givings

Published: 07.02.2017
2016 Awards & Award Givings.

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At this serie we have put together all the Awards & the Award Givings that took part during 2016 so you can check which are the main awards, when will be the coming editions to apply, who was awarded and check the works of the applicants and winners.

 During 2016, 11 international awards and 8 award givings from Germany, Poland, Spain, USA, Italy, Australia and France were promoted from Klimt02.

There are already 5 awards published for 2017 (PREZIOSA Young Design Competition 2017Loewe Craft Prize 2017Amberif Design Award 2017Talente Competition 2017Friedrich Becker Prize 2017) and we will be updating and promoting awards as a very important way to promote the work of the organizers and of the artists.

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Oganizations, Fairs, Museums, Schools and Galleries are welcome to submit awards information to be published during 2017.