Estela Saez Vilanova interview with Tamagit

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Published: 05.02.2019
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Estela Saez Vilanova interviewed by Tamagit talks about her work and art jewellery.

A renowned international artist whose work of art oscillates between the core and the periphery. Estela models and sharpens metal (mostly silver) in a very unique way as it would be clay. Like this, she makes it hers by injecting in it her own subjectivity and warmth.

In the big cities or in the desert where the artist lives for a long time, she finds life in the colourful stones. The blue sky, the green nature and the yellow of the sun of the Empordà.
Sculptor or jeweller, jeweller or sculptor, Estela Sáez creates ambiguous and polyedric works of art. Some of her pendants or brooches remind us of smoky chimneys that smell like home, like her home in Lladó, where she was born. But they could also be seen as symbols of dehumanized and lonely industries. Other pieces made by quarz and metal reflect life’s hardness and fragility at the same time.
The trip and the nest. The movement and the root. The noise and the piece. The flexible and the rigid. The city and the desert. The north and the south. There, in that “inbetweenness” is where we find Estela Sáez. Somewhere in between…

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