Adriana Radulescu

Published: 25.01.2024
Adriana Radulescu Adriana Radulescu


I am an architect by vocation and an accidental jeweler. During an intensely stressful building project I decided to take a jewelry class at the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington DC to challenge myself and to get on working with my hands in a different way; I ended up studying for five years there until the jewelry department was closed. Now I have my own jewelry studio and architectural practice in Washington DC and each stimulates the other.


I started working with corrugating and forming copper, and then enameling it. I discovered the obvious fact that the enamel adds more depth and textures to the metal through color and finish. And at the end it is ambiguous what is the object made of.
I like the contrast and the uneven relationship between the copper, a relatively humble material, and the enamel, which makes me always think of precious Faberge eggs, not my favorites. I want to recreate the weathered metal of old gates and barns, freight containers, the texture, and colors of my youth, houses, and tapestries … things that stir my remembrances and stir my emotions.

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