Klimt02's Most Popular Content Published in 2021. News in the field of contemporary jewellery to follow up

Published: 29.07.2021
Klimt02's Most Popular Content Published in 2021. News in the field of contemporary jewellery to follow up.

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Summer is the best time to relax, recharge, review and get ready for the next charming term. If you would like to follow up with valuable insights into the contemporary jewellery world, please check this page where we bring in to you Klimt02's most popular content published in 2021. They are all widely read in the community, and some of them are published recently but already attract large attention.

Firstly, we would recommend to you a serial of 6 articles Material Stories written by our collaborator Saskia van Es. It narrates from different perspectives about gold, gems, pearls, and recycled materials. It's a wonderful journey to meet again all these ordinary materials surround us with Saskia. And we are not surprised that this series is the most visited content. Congratulations Saskia!

There are two interviews that are also worth reading. Lucia Massei, as a jury member of this year's edition of Joya, shares her criteria and insights about the jewellery world extending from the theme of Alchemy. Kadri Mälk, interviewed by Carolin Denter in the series about critique, shares her own experience. Not only about critique, the market, and the education system, both of them also talk about everything that underpins and surrounds contemporary jewelry nowadays.

Pravu Mazumdar's Gathering Being: On Collecting and Making is a contribution to the catalogue of the exhibition From Collect, the concept of which is to reveal the role of collecting in the process of making. Pravu Mazumdar in this series expounds on his views on collecting as an inherently human practice. Three articles from five are incorporated a few days ago and they have already been widely read. We recommend you to peruse and enjoy the sparkles from Pravu Mazumdar's erudition and bright perspectives.

We would also especially highlight two projects born in Klimt02 that have been done and worked as special projects of two of our fellows Ray Zheng and Ana Bellagamba: A Chronological Vision of Contemporary Jewelry in China and A Brief History of Contemporary Jewellery in Brazil. We are very grateful to see their outcomes and we hope that it serves their professional career in this field.

Of course, it is worth noting the article by Helen Britton on curating. She explains the criteria of her curation for Schmuck 2021 which is the annual and famous call for jewellers. Helen Britton also reveals her heartfelt thoughts about the preciousness of the community of jewellery through her experience in the past 20 years.

Another two articles we really enjoyed and they may also interest you: Hand Medal Project: Thinking about What Jewelry Can Do written by Makiko Akiyama, reflects her own feelings and thoughts about the recent project organized during the pandemic which received wide attention and response globally; Green Blades by artist Weiyi Li, talking about her project exhibited at The Closer Gallery in this spring, which records the transition process from a Starbucks plastic table knife to a pre-Qin knife coin.

There are also more to explore among the interviews we made for our new members, such as Joana de Sousa Henriques, Orsolya Kecskés, Géraldine Luttenbacher. Their interviews have been widely read as well — especially the interview we did with Hannah Oatman, winner of the JPlus New Talent Award 2020, awarded by Klimt02 among all selected graduates from our member schools.

Take a look at the full list of our articles and interviews published in 2021. All the articles and interviews below are open for free until the end of August. Hope you enjoy it and wish everyone has a lovely summertime!