Tereza Seabra Jóias de Autor

Published: 07.09.2021
The exhibition space.
The exhibition space

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Co-founder of Artefacto 3 gallery/ workshop, with Alexandra Pimentel and Pedro Cruz, in Bairro Alto, old part of the city of Lisbon and a quartier with a long tradition in the field of crafts. It is the first art jewellery gallery in Portugal.

The main intention of the gallery was to give young jewelers, the opportunity to show their own work, and create a dialogue between them, the general public and the international artists also exhibiting there
. Divulging this specific art form, to make it grow, and to make it know, in Portugal, where art jewellery was unknown.

Outubro/ Opening of the new gallery/workshop Artefacto 3 in Rua da Rosa, 158-160A, Bairro Alto, with the exhibition Ilegítimos: Miguel Branco, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Pedro Calapez, Rui Chafes, José Pedro Croft, Ana Jotta, Pedro Portugal, Pedro Proença, Rui Sanches, Xana. Exhibition producted by the team of Artefacto 3: Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Paula Crespo and Tereza Seabra and curated by Paula Crespo.

Tereza Seabra took over the Artefacto 3 gallery/ workshop launching the jewellery brand “Tereza Seabra – Jóias de Autor” The main of the gallery/workshop is to exhibit the established artists both national and international and to promote the newcomers whose work is based in a research and experimentation that contemporary jewellery requires.

Artist list

Estefania Almeida, Inés Almeida, Stefania Barale, Peter Bauhuis, Susana Beirço, Carmen Berner, Diego Bisso, Andrean Bloomard, Marta Boino Eliseu, Monika Brugger, Cláudia Cabral, Ana Cardim, Miriam Castro, Ana Couto, Janine Eisenhauer, Fausto Maria Franchi, Thomas Gentille, Leonor Guedes, Liliana Guerreiro, Ana Henriques, Leonor Hipólito, Mari Ishikawa, Stephanie Jendis, Unk Kraus, Yvonne Kurz, Otto Künzli, Hilde Leiss, Alexandra Lisboa, Joao Martins, Gudrun Mass, Miranda Meilleur, Constança Meira, Teresa Milheiro, Carla Nuis, Inés Nunes, Ritsuko Ogura, Paula Paour, Ruudt Peters, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Uli Raap, Franziska Rappold, Novak Raymann, Paula Rodrigues, Rita Ruivo, Tereza Seabra, Pedro Sequeira, Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Verena Sieberfuchs, Catarina Silva, Diana Silva, Inés Sobreira, Manuela Sousa, Julia Walter, Christoph Zellweger

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