2016 Fairs & Meetings

Published: 20.03.2017
2016 Fairs & Meetings.

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At this serie we compile all the Fairs & Meetings that took part during 2016 so you can check which are the main fairs and meetings to attend and apply, when will be the coming editions, who was exhibiting, lecturing, getting a grant or organizing a symposium.

During 2016, 4 international Fairs and 28 meetings from Germany, Chile, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Greece, Austria, France, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden & China were promoted from Klimt02.

In 2017 we have already published 3 Fairs and 7 Meetings and we will be updating and promoting the new editions as a very important way to promote the work of the organizers and the artists.

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In 2016 the Fair pages at Klimt02 had 27889 visits and Meetings pages had 12782 visits.
Top 6 most visited events: Schmuck 2016, Joya Barcelona 2016, Sieraad 2016, Athens Jewellery Week, Three contemporary Italian Goldsmiths and Melting Point Valencia.

Find applicants for your Fairs and for your meetings by publishing and communicating it at Klimt02.
Fairs, Oganizations, Museums, Schools and Galleries are welcome to submit information to be published during 2017.

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