Overview of Galerie Ra 2009-2019

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Published: 19.02.2020
Overview of Galerie Ra 2009-2019.
Paul Derrez and Willem Hoogstede.
Paul Derrez and Willem Hoogstede

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After 43 years, 3 locations and about 400 exhibitions, Ra Gallery is closing down on December 21, 2019. The gallery has been part of our platform for 10 years publishing and promoting their exhibitions, publications, artists and all type of events.

Klimt02 started publishing events from the gallery in 2004, hereby we would like to pay tribute to the gallery by giving a vision of its history through a selection of 53 events featured at the platform throughout the years among the 203 items published about the Galerie.
Owner Paul Derrez opened Galerie Ra in 1976 and since then he has been the driving force in developing the gallery into a leading establishment for jewellery design. Placing great emphasis on research and study, which has led to on-going special projects, themed exhibitions and publications. Derrez also teach, lectures and serves on diverse committees.

Galerie Ra specialised in contemporary jewellery design and vessels but also regularly featured objects. These are showcased in changing exhibitions held every two months, in the permanent collection and at annual trade fairs like Object Rotterdam, Frame (Munich) and Collect (London). All these events are announced and reviewed in the Ra Newsletter published every two months.
Galerie Ra represented some 50 international artists and designers. Innovation, proven talent and continuity form the basis of the gallery’s selection process. Typical of Ra is the broad range of work it brings, regarding approach, design and use of materials. Shown work is usually unique but can also be produced in limited edition or serial form. Icons from the past remain available as Classics or Vintage.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to the artists and our collaborators, relations, customers and visitors. Through their efforts, commitment and support, our gallery gained recognition and became a success.
/ Paul Derrez and Willem Hoogstede