Overview of Art Jewellery in South Korea 2008-2021

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Published: 25.10.2021
Overview of Art Jewellery in South Korea 2008-2021.

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In 2008 we published the first event about art jewellery in South Korea. We are glad to have more and more Korean artists joining us in the past 13 years who bought their wonderful creations into the scene. With a long history of art and craft in South Korea, it's stimulating to see how jewellery artists develop their artworks in this new discipline and show their unique artistic languages. In this overview, we invite you to visit 48 selected items of events and artists to explore the charm of art jewellery in South Korea.

We want to make a special mention to the  2021 Cheongju Craft Biennale the last event organized by the Cheongju Craft Biennale Organizing Committee. A must see selection of international contermporary crafts displayed at the Cheongju Culture Factory.

Korean art jewelry was established by its first generation who worked in the 1980s, when they could access new trends overseas and introduced art jewelry in fresh styles to Korea. In the 1990s, major colleges in Korea started to teach metal crafts and art jewelry professionally, and soon art jewelry rose as an independent expression genre, with many art jewelry artists appearing in the world of art. These art jewelry artists explored and created only art jewelry, absorbing both Korean traditional jewelry and Western jewelry styles, and they attained qualitative and quantitative expansion of their art in terms of material, technique, and concept. In particular, from 2000 Western art jewelry has been effectively applied to education in many colleges, which has put spurs to producing full-time jewelry artists, developing Korean art jewelry further as an outstanding genre.

In comparison with the long history of Korean arts and crafts, the history of Korean art jewelry is relatively short. Despite that, it has achieved a remarkable development during a short period of time. About this, Korean metal craftsman Yongil Jean says, "The outstanding development is the results of active international exchange that started from the first generation educators, abundant human resources, intensive education, and elaborate creation of full-time artists who have newly appeared from 2000".

/ Jieun Park. Excerpts from article From Traditional Crafts to New Trends. A short outline of South Korean Art Jewelry development

We have made a selection of the 48 most relevant contents published between 2008 to 2021 comprising:

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