Overview on Art Jewelry in Israel 2009 - 2022

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Published: 06.11.2022
Overview on Art Jewelry in Israel 2009 - 2022.

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For Klimt02 community Israel is one of the most active countries in readers as well as in members, jewelers, schools and organizations.

On the occasion of the first Israel Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry, Klimt02 would like you to discover it through an overview of featured and selected items published at Klimt02 with the idea of ​​showing the present scenario in Israel.
We have made a selection of the 60 most relevant contents published between 2009 to 2022 comprising:

>  36 Events: 35 Exhibitions + 1 Meeting seminar
> 1 Institution School
> 11 Jewelers
> 9 Forums: 4 interviews + 5 articles
> 3 Books

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