Mari Ishikawa: Moonlight Shadow. Jewellery & Photograph

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Published: 21.10.2010
Mari Ishikawa: Moonlight Shadow. Jewellery & Photograph.
Text by:
Karl Fritsch, Mari Ishikawa
Edited by:
Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt & Mari Ishikawa
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14 pages, full colour photographs, text in German and English, 32 x 24 cm
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Inner pages.
Inner pages

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The goldsmith Mari Ishikawa, born in Japan, studied at the Jewellery Class of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and she is now living and working here. The inspiration for her jewelry she often gets from nature. The forms of plants and their structures are used to ornament the body and the vitality in nature, the changes between light and shadow is visible in her jewellery.
The shape of plants attracts me. Their perfection surprises me. For whom and why are they so beautiful? The green colour of plants is mysterious. This is because we can’t dye anything green using plants, even though they are green by themselves. Their colour can’t be preserved.
Green is a colour of an illusion, and only where life is. They are just there and gone soon. I try to resist this vanishing and keep the memories.

This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the Förderpreis der Stadt München für Angewandte Kunst 2009 given to Mari Ishikawa.
Inner pages.
Inner pages

© By the author. Read Copyright.