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Joya 2017 Guide

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Published: 25.07.2017
Joya 2017 Guide.

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This is the Guide where you will find all events related to JOYA and satellite events in different locations around the city of Barcelona.

On its 9th edition the fair includes: 49 selected artists, 6 winners of prestigious international awards, 3 galleries, 2 collectives, 3 international schools and 7 national, making a total of more than 300 artists from all over the world.

Besides that, you will find detailed information of the fair, the OFF JOYA exhibitions , 3 conferences, 3 award givings and 3 relevant interviews with Gésine Hackenberg, Liana Pattihis and Robin Antar Juries of Joya 2017 and 1 interview with the owners Of Ergo, a Chilean gallery taking part at the fair.

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