New Brooches: 400+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs

Published: 06.03.2018
New Brooches: 400+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs.
Nicolas Estrada
Text by:
Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Ezra Satok-Wolman
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18 x 24 cm. 240 pag. Fully illustrated in colour. English text. Hardback
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Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

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New Brooches explores the current trends in contemporary jewellery through a selection of 441 jewellery artists’ creations from all over the world.
New Brooches shows the versatile and dynamic nature of this ornament and the artistic, technical and expressive possibilities that it involves. Brooches are essentially a jewellery artist’s blank canvas that invites endless creativity without formal restrictions. 172 artists have contributed, with a wide variety of perspectives, forms and techniques, to shape this inspirational compendium, a must-have for any professional or student of jewellery or fashion design.

Alzbet Dvorakova/ Angela Bubash/ Angela Ciobanu/ Anja Eichler/ Anna Davern/ Annette Dam/ Antria Prasinou/ Anya Kovalieva/ Ariadne Kapelioti/ Artemis Valsamaki/ Aurelie Guillaume/ Babette Von Dohnanyi/ Barbara Paganin/ Biba Schutz/ Camilla Luihn/ Carolina Bernachea/ Celine Sylvestre/ Cova Rios/ Cristina Zani/ Curtis Arima/ Chao-Hsien Kuo/ Charity Hall/ Christine Jalio/ Christoph Straube/ Dauvit Alexander/ Donald Friedlich/ Dongyi Wu/ Dot Melanin/ Edna Madera/ Edu Tarin/ Elin Flognman/ Emily Cobb/ Emily Pellini/ Emily Watson/ Erica Bello/ Estela Saez/ Eunseon Park/ Eva Burton/ Eva Fernandez/ Evgeniia Balashova/ Ezra Satok-Wolman/ Felieke van der Leest/ Fernanda Mitsue/ Ferran Iglesias/ Florencia Alonso/ Gabriele Hinze/ Georg Dobler/ Gerti Machacek/ Gesine Hackenberg/ Gigi Mariani/ Giovanna Canu/ Gregory Larin/ Hadas Levin/ Hannah-May Chapman/ Hedvig Westermark/ Heidemarie Herb/ Helen Habtay/ Helmi Lindblom/ Heng Lee/ Hind ElHafez/ Ignasi Cavaller/ Iris Merkle/ Isabelle Busnel/ Jaki Coffey/ James Dunn/ Jan Smith/ Janos Gabor Varga/ Jeanne Marell/ Jeffrey Lloyd Dever/ Jessica Calderwood/ Jo Pond/ Joana Santos/ Jorge Castanon/ Jose Luis Fettolini/ Joshua Kosker/ Juhani Heikkila/ Julia Baudler/ Julia deVille/ Julia Harrison/ Julia Kraemer/ Julia Maria Kunnap/ Julia Obermaier/ Karen Vanmol/ Karim Oukid/ Karin Roy Andersson/ Karin Seufert/ Kate Dannenberg/ Katie Stormonth/ Katja Prins/ Kim Lilot/ Kye-Yeon Son/ Lee Heejin/ Lena Wunderlich/ Leticia Llera/ Liaung Chung Yen/ Lin Cheung/ Lital Mendel/ Lou Sautreau/ Luci Jockel/ Lucie Houdkova/ Lucie Majerus/ Lluis Comin/ Magali Thibault/ Mallory Weston/ Mareen Alburg/ Maria Diez/ Maria Rosa Franzin/ Marion Blume/ Marta Roca/ Melissa Cameron/ Monika Brugger/ Montserrat Lacomba/ Natalie Hoogeveen/ Nico Flas/ Nicolas Estrada/ Nicole Taubinger/ Odd Studio/ Pallavi Verma/ Pamela de la Fuente/ Patricia Domingues/ Patricia Lopez/ Paul Adie/ Paul McClure/ Paula Estrada/ Paula Zuker/ Piero Acuto/ Pornruedee Boonyapan/ Ralph Bakker/ Ramon Puig/ Rita Soto/ Robert Thomas Mullen/ Robyn Wilson/ Rodrigo Acosta/ Rosa Nogues/ Samuel Guillen/ Selen Ozus/ Sharareh Aghaei/ Sharon Massey/ Sigurd Bronger/ Silvia Walz/ Sim Luttin/ Snem Yildirim/ Sol Flores/ Sondra Sherman/ Stephen Bottomley/ Susanne Matsche/ Tala Yuan/ Tamara Gruener/ Tami Eshed/ Tanel Veenre/ Tara Locklear/ Theo Fennell/ Theo Smeets/ Tithi Kutchamuch/ Tomoyo Hiraiwa/ Tore Svensson/ Tove Knuts/ Tsang-Hsuan Lin/  Tyler Stoll/ Una Mikuda/ Ute Decker/ Veroniek Dutre/ Walka/ Wendy McAllister/ William Rudolph Faulkner/ Xenia Walschikow/ Yijen Chu/ Yiota Vogli/ Yiqing Cai/ Yojae Lee/ Younha Jung/ Yvonne Gilhooly

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Selen Özus.

About the author

Having left Colombia for Barcelona to work in marketing, Nicolas Estrada's career path took a dramatic turn that led him to the Escola Massana. There he first encountered the world of jewellery, discovering in it a galaxy of expressiveness replete with infinite possibilities. A relentless researcher, his curiosity and passion for jewellery has taken him all over the world. Guided by a sense of balance and refinement, Nicolas has pursued diverse courses of study ranging from gemmology, setting and carving techniques, as well as research and work in traditional Berber Kabyle jewellery and filigree techniques from Colombia, culminating in a master's degree in Gemstone Cutting and Jewellery Design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar-Oberstein, in Germany.
He has published four books on jewellery, each drawing on 500+ designs from around the world: NEW RINGS (two editions), NEW EARRINGS and NEW NECKLACES. And BROOCHES, the fifth book, scheduled for publication May 2018.
Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

© By the author. Read Copyright.