Emerging Values, Selected Graduates, Schools and Degree Shows 2015

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Published: 03.07.2015

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Discover the emerging values and understand the educational guidelines of the most relevant educational institutions.

In this Serie we put together the Klimt02 School members who presented one selected Graduate 2015 and yearly Degree Show.

Our school members are important as they present a broad variety of opportunities for new artists that are going into the field, as well as keeping the community up to date on the developments of emerging artists. On the school pages you can also find artist in resident opportunities as well as open calls for jobs in educational positions.
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Klimt02 is publishing the graduation work of one selected student from each member school in the Klimt02 Forum during June and July 2015, up to 17 Graduated students will be featured.
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At the same time 10 Degree Shows are published too, so readers can have a full experience of the work developed by the Schools and Academies.
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Relevant information for students, jewelers, teachers, appliying students, researchers and obiously for anyone interested to discover new talents.

Klimt02 will award one of the selected graduates with a one year jeweler membership with the idea of providing a communication platform in order to show and spread the development of the artist.

You can locate the schools and shows in our Klimt02 Lokator.